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Sterling Combustion


Sterling Combustion Inc., based in Georgetown, Ontario, has been involved in the North American packaged boiler, burner and combustion industry since 1980. Its products and design engineering are based on the best available technology for reducing fuel usage and for complying with environmentally acceptable emission standards.


In consultation with the client, Northern Village produced a professional engineering-type look that emphasizes the different types of projects that Sterling Combustion has worked on. The idea was to also provide visitors with the range of products and services used in the installations.


A photo display of the different projects on the front page leads visitors to the Sterling Story represented by each photo. Sterling Combustion updates their own website using only a web browser. The website's design was by Ballyhoo Media and EditMe Communications supplied the editing and rewriting services.

Northern Village also helped Sterling Combustion implement a collaborative file management system with which they can exchange documents with their customers.


"I cannot overstate the value of having EditMe Communications go over our website content. Wayne immediately grasped what we needed to get across and then applied his marvelous talent for writing and editing. We had already chosen a Northern Village as website producer and Wayne worked with them seamlessly so that our company was able to crisply communicate our unique value within our industry. We were totally delighted with the end result, which was above and beyond expectations. I highly recommend.”

John Williams,
President, Sterling Combustion