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Stanley Thompson Society

Stanley Thompson


The Stanley Thompson Society was founded in 1998 to preserve the character of Canadian golf course architect Stanley Thompson’s work.

Client Goals

The Stanley Thompson Society wanted to have a website about Stanley Thompson and the many golf courses he created. The website aims to explain the great golf course architect’s philosophy, as well as provide an overview of the Society and how it is preserving Stanley Thompson’s legacy.

One of the projects is a database of all the Stanley Thompson courses, along with evidence that shows that he was involved with each course. This database allows a visitor to see the breadth of work that Stanley Thompson did in Canada and internationally. It also says how to get in contact with the people who are currently running the golf courses.


This expansive website covers information on the architecture and philosophy of Stanley Thompson, as well as the current activities of the Society, and is implemented in a way that allows the site to be easily updated. The design was done and implemented to show some of the bunker contouring for which Thompson is famous. The implementation of the database allows it to be integrated into the website itself, and moving from website to database is seamless in regards to design and links.

Northern Village produced this website and EditMe Communications provided the web formatting and content editing.