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 Northern Sport Fishing

Northern Sport Fishing

The client

Northern Sport Fishing is the premier manufacturer of private brand fly line in the world. With offices in both Guelph, Ontario and Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK, they sell various types of fly lines on a global scale.

Client goals

Northern Sport Fishing wanted a new website (Flyline.net) that both showcased their products and drew attention to their recently acquired office in Worcestershire, UK. With the addition of this location came the addition of fishing line brands, making it imperative to have a website in which costumers were easily able to navigate and find the specific brand they were looking for.


In partnership with Northern Village, EditMe Communications took a modernizing approach in order to establish a new overall look, feel and tone for the website. A rotating gallery on the homepage was designed to add attention-grabbing imagery as well as to showcase Northern Sport Fishing’s products in use. To further showcase their products, Northern Village included profiles of their various fishing lines, displaying the different strengths of each line and grouping each specific type of line under an easy to follow heading. A new, eye-catching logo was also created and strategically placed on every page in order to strengthen the company’s identity.

Since Northern Sport Fishing is constantly bringing in new products, it was also imperative for the website to be self-maintainable. Using Village CMS, Northern Village was able to provide straightforward upkeep and uncomplicated product integration.