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The client

This business—with the way cool name, Buybarefoot.com is your online store for "Barefoot products, lotions and notions."

Buy Barefoot believes good health starts with your feet. The website is an online seller of Barefoot Science™ foot strengthening insoles, a unique feet treatment technology. The Barefoot Science™ system was founded in 1997 to develop, refine, and market a revolutionary new technology and approach to foot care. This arch activation system can be inserted inside all footwear to prevent and rehabilitate a wide range of foot, leg, and back ailments. Barefoot Science™ also enhances day-to-day activities and athletic performance. Buy Barefoot sells to individuals as well as healthcare professionals, clinics, sports retailers and others.

From Barefoot Science™ to Barefoot Running books, Earthing products and foot health education, Buy Barefoot aims to provide the best available foot care products and information.

Client goals

The client was primarily seeking a website that would be a "one-stop shop" for Barefoot technologies and ideas. The website needed to be easily updatable so that the client could seamlessly upload new products as they became available. It also needed to be highly search-engine friendly so that buyers could quickly find him. Affordability would be a plus.


The website was created using Village CMS, which allows users to effortlessly update their own websites. While this website is quite multi-layered and has a moderate number of pages and sub-pages, the client was able to do much of the set-up and organization. Northern Village provided some basic assistance regarding design and other functionalities. It was, therefore, possible to limit the costs of developing this site.