EditMe Communications


Time is money, and mistakes in communication can be very costly. If you don't make sense, clients and customers will quickly move on to your competition. Muddled language or inaccurate information on a website, in a newsletter, or on a product label can mean not only lost opportunity; it can even have disastrous legal consequences.

Our copywriting services will:

  • Prevent embarassing, money-losing mistakes
  • Ensure audience-appropriate language, readability, accuracy, flow, and consistency
  • Express the features and benefits of your offerings
  • Pursuade potential clients or customers to take action
  • Ease the burden on your support staff
  • Save time and allow you to focus on core business activities

During the consultation process, we may set up interviews with all relevant personnel and ask for any brochures, pdfs, videos, web pages or ideas that you have already developed. We will then work closely with you as we ghost-write your content and produce a high-quality final product that reflects your company's core values and high standards.

To learn more, contact us today.