EditMe Communications


EditMe Communications seeks talented and passionate individuals with whom to form partnerships based on a shared vision of excellence, quality and integrity.  We proudly partner with the following companies:

Digital Nomad Marketing: You are a socially conscious changemaker with a great idea you want to share with the world. Whatever your passions, however you want to make a difference, Digital Nomad will help you make positive change in the world.

Intrigue Media: With a vision to become leaders in local marketing across Canada, Intrigue Media will get you seen in your community via digital display advertising, email and social media marketing, Google consulting and website development.

Northern Village: Northern Village provides a high level of service delivering easily updated websites and product management consulting.

U-C Webs: User-Centered, Web-Enabled Business Solutions & Website Optimization Services.

MoreSALES.ca: Every company needs more sales. By integrating your sales and marketing initiatives, MoreSALEs will help you understand your clients’ needs, develop a comprehensive strategy, and implement a plan that delivers results to grow your business.